The Rosedale Center is a program center of the South Bronx Educational Foundation, Inc. that promotes the academic and personal achievement of young women and girls in the Bronx. All programs instill a sense of personal worth by developing students’ talents, character, and spirit of service, and by strengthening academic skills and work habits through individualized attention.  The staff and volunteers collaborate with parents and families to prepare students so they can complete their education and make a positive contribution to their families and community. Rosedale’s programs are inspired by the social teachings of the Catholic Church and the spirit of Opus Dei, a prelature of the Catholic Church, and are open to students, volunteers and staff regardless of race, creed or nationality.

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Working mainly from a three-story row house, we provide students with individual attention in a nurturing environment through either one-on-one or small group settings. They benefit from our programs’ emphasis on individual mentoring and friendship, parental involvement, and character building through academic achievement. By the time a student finishes the program, she is typically much better motivated and disciplined and has a greater appreciation of her future role as a spouse, parent, employee, and member of society.